About Rachel Ann's Country Clips Pet Grooming

We Treat Your Pet Like Family

Pets are Part of Our Family

Let's face it; our pets are members of our family.   We would want our family members to have the best, so why wouldn't you?  Your pet's comfort along with your satisfaction is our main purpose and essential goal every visit. Family owned and operated.  All of us at Rachel Ann's Country Clips Pet Grooming operate with the same approach; treat all pets as if they were your very own!  


Professional, Caring and Kind:

We are a state of the art Pet Styling Salon with the focus on your pets’ health and happiness.  Humane treatment, mutual respect and continuing education are our foundation and what sets us apart from your average pet care establishments.  We groom all breeds and stay current on the latest styles, products and technics.  As professionals, we feel it is our duty to educate, be kind and be patient.  We try our very best to interpret your wants and needs are, but we will not sacrifice our quality or our love and care for the pets.  Because of our quality and service, a high percentage of our appointments are from repeat customers and referrals.   


Your Pet is Special:

We treat each pet as individual not just animals; “just a dog".  We understand your pet has its own personality, feelings, wants, fears and needs.  We work with your pet to feel safe, comfortable and cared for.  One of our specialties is working with hard to handle pets that other providers could not care for.


Micro-Bubble Technology:

In September of 2014 we became the 1st Grooming Salon on the East Coast offing Micro-Bubble Technology for bathing.  Micro-Bubbles deep clean with nothing but water and bubbles. This may sound impossible, but these are innovative Micro-Bubbles. When pets are experiencing allergies or skin sensitivities, the avoidance of soaps, surfactants and chemicals can prove extremely beneficial.  Click here for more information, or Contact Us with any questions on this exciting new technology.  


Humanity Over Vanity:

We believe in "Humanity over Vanity" with regard to grooming.  What we mean is we will always look out for what is best for your pets health and comfort rather then what may look the best.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason that may, in our opinion, endanger the health and soundness of the pet.


Automated Appointment Reminders by Email, Text or Both:

Never worry about forgetting your grooming appointment again!  We know how hectic life is these days, our integrated system will send you a friendly reminder of your pets upcoming appointment by email, text or both.  Schedule ahead to reserve the best day and time for your pet and then relax, our system will remind you up to two weeks in advance of the upcoming appointment.  Change your email or cell phone number?  Don't worry, you have full access of where and what reminders you prefer.  


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Benefits of Regular Grooming and Bathing:

  • Prevention of coat matting

  • Reduction of skin and paw disorders

  • Healthy skin and coat

  • Elimination of painful fur matting

  • Reduction of excess shedding

  • Overall improvement in the cleanliness and hygiene of your pet

  • Identification of other problems such as sores that may go unnoticed



Grooming services are available by appointment only. All clients must show proof of current vaccinations we require including rabies certificate from your vet.  



Please call at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to make your appointment. Less than 24 hours' notice may result in a cancellation fee.