Micro-Bubble Technology Now At Rachel Ann's Country Clips Pet Grooming

Micro-Bubble Technology is Here!


Rachel Ann's Country Clips is proud to announce that in September of 2014, we were the first grooming salon on the entire east coast to offer this patented microbubble state-of-the-art-technology for your pet.








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What are Microbubbles?

Simply speaking, microbubbles are just very small bubbles. To qualify as “micro”,  a bubble must, in fact, be less than a 1000 micrometers in size.

However, to be effective for deep cleaning skin, the bubbles should be less than 25 micrometers in size and larger than 2. This allows them to penetrate hair follicles and skin pores while not passing through epidermis.

Thera-Clean has perfected a system that uniformly generates bubbles ranging from 3 to 20 micrometers.


To put this in perspective, a typical human red blood cell is approximately 8 micrometers in size; a human hair is approximately 70 micrometers and most bacteria are between 3 and 40 micrometers in size.

What Are Micro Bubbles
What Are Micro Bubbles

How Do Microbubbles Work?

Properly generated microbubbles carry a slight negative charge. This attracts positively charged molecules of dander, sebum and other organic matter. Some of the bubbles actually oscillate and implode from increased water pressure giving off significant energy which aids in dislodging organic waste. In fact, as the bath progresses the warmth of the water will actually rise to a comfortable temperature.


To further this process, the Thera-Clean system also utilizes a natural plant based enzyme powder that further softens and helps dislodge debris allowing the microbubbles to adhere to and remove waste.

Microbubbles are already field tested in other non-medical areas.

Generators are used in huge man-made oyster beds in Japan to clean the inside of the oyster before they are harvested. The difference is amazing. They are being used extensively in waste management facilities as well to facilitate cleaning. They have also found potential commercial applications in cargo vessels to deceases water drag and increase fuel efficiency.


Finally, there is extensive research into using them as a contrast agent in place of dye for tumor detection and peripheral vascular disease investigation. Some universities are also experimenting with using them as carriers for anti-viral and anti-cancer agents to better target application.


At Thera-Clean, we are concentrating only on skin cleansing (although use on water-fowl post oil spills is another very successful application)

How Do Micro Bubble Work
How Do Micro Bubble Work

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Advantages of Micro Bubble Bathing


  • All Natural - No Soaps or Chemicals.

Deep clean with nothing but water bubbles. This may sound impossible, but these are innovative microbubbles. When pets are experiencing allergies or skin sensitivities, the avoidance of soaps, surfactants and chemicals can prove extremely beneficial.


  • Completely Non-Abrasive

Other than picking the animal up to place into the tub, there is no other need to touch the pet.  This is extremely important for animals that have severely inflamed skin.  Reduced contact combined with deep cleaning also enhances the healing process.


  • Environmentally Friendly

The future of our planet is extremely important. A Thera-Clean treatment uses no chemicals what so ever. If needed, only natural plant based enzymes are used to assist the microbubbles lifting the debris up from the animal’s skin and pores.


  • Hypoallergenic

Simply put- it’s literally impossible for the animal to be allergic to a Thera-Clean treatment.


  • Hands-Free Approach

As we discussed, with the technology being non-abrasive, all of these benefits apply to groomers as well. Many Japanese grooming professionals describe a decreased back strain due to the hands-free approach and as many report less dry skin and irritation to their hands.


  • Never Shampoo Again

It may seem to be only a dream, but it is possible. Microbubble technology does what shampoo simply can’t do.  They clean deep in hair follicles and pores. Animals with extremely oily skin will benefit from an initial shampoo to facilitate bubble penetration. In these cases, we sell our Thera-Clean all natural shampoos.