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Currently Not Accepting New Dog Clients Over 25lbs
Currently We Are Only Accepting New Dog Clients Under 25lbs

Thank you for your interest in allowing us to pamper your furry family member! 


Below is a list of items that you must know as a new client at Rachel Ann's Country Clips Pet Grooming including pricing, vaccination requirements etc.  


Once you have read our New Client Information, scroll to bottom of the page and fill out our New Client Information Form.

As always, if you ever have question or need more information, please contact us directly.


Rachel Ann


Please read over all of the following items before filling out our "New Client Request Form" for Rachel Ann's Country Clips Pet Grooming

  • Proof of Vaccinations Are Required Prior to Setting Up Appointment

    • Rabies 

    • Distemper

    • Bordetella (Common name is Kennel Cough Vaccine)

      • Please check your pets vaccination paperwork or contact your Veterinarian.  Bordetella is the most commonly missed vaccination that we require.  This is our vaccination policy for all of our clients, please do not ask us to change our policy.

  • We are only accepting new dogs 25lbs and under.

    • ​This weight limit is your dogs weight as a full grown adult dog. 

      • If you have a Newfoundland puppy that is now 24lbs but will grow to be 130lbs, we are sorry, but we cannot accept your puppy.

  • Aggressive Dogs Must Be Assessed Prior To Grooming 

    • It is very important to inform us if your dog is or has been aggressive for other groomers, veterinarian visits or even with you or other family members.

    • We will set up a "Meet & Greet" appointment so we all can meet (you and your dog) and we will then make a determination if we feel we will be able to groom your dog. 

    • Many times aggression can come from fear.  If this is the case, multiple short visits may be necessary so your dog feels more comfortable before any grooming is done.  Consistency with the same surroundings and using the same Groomer your pet trusts is key in these cases.  We will make the final determination if we can groom any aggressive pet. 

  • Our Grooming Rates

    • Our Grooming rates are by the Hour ***@$85+tax per hour per pet.  

      • ***Per hour rate is charged for Hands On Work Time; bathing, brushing, haircut as examples.  You are not charged for resting period time, time the pet is waiting to be picked up etc.  

    • Haircut Dogs - Based on the hourly rate, our average small dog grooming price is $85 or $95 + tax (depending on haircut style).

    • De-shedding (Bath only dogs) -   Based on the hourly rate, our average small dog de-shedding/bath price is $65 to $95 + tax (depending on amount of time needed to de-shed the coat, as some dogs require much more time -or- they need their "feet and feathers" trimmed).

    • The following is always included for grooming our furry clients with no product allergies (we do have complete hypo shampoo/conditioners or other specialty products if needed):

      • Tearless Blueberry Facial
        Shampoo and Conditioner
        Leave-on Conditioning Spray (used during Brush-out)
        Full Brush Out
        Ears are cleaned
        Nails clipped and filed
        Hair on bottom of feet trimmed (pad hair)
        Client Specified Hair Style/Cut
        Privacy Trim
        Extra Resting periods for older pets or large breeds.  

      • Items that are not included for grooming and are additional: 

        • Ear hair plucked - $10 

        • Anal Glands Expressed during Grooming Appointment - $5 | Walk-in $12

        • Shaved Feet (shaved like Poodle feet) - $10 to $20

        • De-matting $1 per minute - If determined safe and comfortable for your pet by Rachel Ann (We will not compromise the pets safety and comfort during the grooming process.)   We practice "Humanity over Vanity"  in grooming - If the matting is severe, or your pet is in any discomfort during brushing, we will give your pet a very short haircut. 

  • Add on or specialty services:

    • Micro-Bubble Bath - $20 - $75 (size and coat dependent)

    • Specialty Shampoo/Conditioners (Med Shampoos, Flea Bath etc.) $7 - $10

    • Toenails Painted - (See Rachel Ann for price)

    • Small breed Skunked baths start at $75 and must be scheduled last appointment of the day.


  • Ok, now that you know about us, we want to get to know you and your pet.  Please fill and submit our "New Client Request Form (Below)"

    • Please fill out all of the information requested on the form below.​

    • Attach a copy of your pets Proof of Vaccinations (where indicated).

    • Attach a picture of your pet (where indicated).

    • List any medical, allergy or behavioral information for your pet (where indicated).

    • Once we receive the form and the copy of your pet(s) vaccinations, we will contact you to set up an appointment.​​

New Client Request Form

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