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Dog Grooming Tools Layed Out On Table
Black Poodle in a 1906 photo showing the proper show cut of that time period.

Small Breed Styling & Grooming

-1906 poodle in a show cut

Dog grooming has been known to have existed since Roman times but didn’t exist the way it does today; for many centuries, grooming was a luxury reserved for aristocratic pets and valuable hunting dogs. During the 1500s, densely coated water dogs (curly coated retrievers and poodles) were clipped so that they could move in and out of the water quickly and left small tufts of hair covering their joints to keep them warm. The hair on top of the head would be tied up with a brightly colored ribbon to enable the dog to see well. In the early times, poodles were clipped to look like lions, and by the 1700s, the French started clipping various poodle cuts.

Still, dog groomers didn’t have the luxury or convenience of tools we have today. Dogs were often bathed outdoors in basins and by rivers. Until the Victorian era (1837-1901), many resisted bathing and washing their dogs because disease transmission was poorly understood. There wasn’t the convenience we have today with plumbing, electricity, central heating, pure tap water, or effective soap.

Grooming - Why Does My Dog Need To Be Groomed?

Cleanliness – The primary reason we groom is, of course, for cleanliness. We want to keep dogs clean just as we keep ourselves clean. Keeping dogs clean helps encourage hair growth and removes dead skin and hair and dirt that may otherwise stick to other surfaces, like furniture and carpets.


Health – Dogs are our best friends and loyal companions, and as such, we have to make sure they live a long and healthy life. And one of the best ways to keep them healthy is to groom them. Grooming helps us check for cuts, lumps, swelling, lameness, and other signs of illness. It decreases the chance of other health problems such as thrush, tooth rot, allergies, infection, scratches, and other skin problems. It also stimulates blood flow and the lymphatic system, improving your dog’s overall health.


Parasites – One of a dogs' most common and persistent problems is parasites. Whether internal or external, these critters always do a lot of damage to your dog in more ways than one. But grooming stops this as it helps you keep an eye out for them.


Preventing Pain – Aside from preventing sickness, grooming can also alleviate your dog from pain. Mats (knotting of the hair) in their fur can often cause pain when these pull on their skin, and their nails can also cause them pain when they grow too long and curl into their paw pads.


Appearance – Grooming, of course, makes your dog look bright and healthy.

Why Choose Rachel Ann's Country Clips Pet Grooming?

  • We are a state-of-the-art Pet Salon with a focus on your pet’s health and happiness.  We groom all small breeds and keep up to date on the latest grooming styles, products, and technics with continuing education and attending trade shows and seminars.  

  • We treat each pet as an individual, not just as a "dog.”  We understand your pet has its personality, and we work around that personality.


  • We take tons of photos and post them regularly on our Facebook page.  Check out our work, styles, and our customers’ happy faces on Facebook.


  • We believe in "Humanity over Vanity" about grooming.  We will always look out for what is best for your pets’ health and comfort.

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