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Gwendolyn The Pet Stylist

Gwendolyn The Pet Stylist holding two adorable cockapoos.
Gwendolyn Wahl Rising Star Winner - Best First Timer
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A Bit About Me

When I was only a few weeks old, my mom started bringing me to the Pet Spa. Growing up around all these beautiful pets has been a wonderful experience. I would help my mom with whatever I could do, always watching and learning. When I was about three years old, I asked my mom, "Do I have the Groomer Eye"? She replied that she was sure I did. At that moment, I decided I wanted to learn how to groom. I started out learning with our two standard poodles, Momma and Schnicky, first learning to trim nails and brush out their coats properly, then learning bathing and drying, and finally learning how to cut hair. As I got a little older, some of the clients at the Spa would let me help my mom groom their dogs, and my experience grew.

When I was nine, my mom entered a grooming competition in Hershey, PA. I wanted to help her out, so she let me be her competition assistant. Helping my mom that day, I instantly fell in love with Competition Grooming. After Hershey, we looked into me competing on my own. We found a competition eight months in the future that was close to us and allowed first-time competitors a chance to compete without all the pressure. So, after getting all the details, I entered the Wahl Rising Star Mentor Challenge at Intergroom, and I won my first grooming competition as "Best First Timer" at age ten.   Since then, Covid-19 put a halt to the in-person grooming competitions, along with so much else, and I could not compete for over two years. But, I am happy to say, I was able to enter my first live competition in March of 2022 and plan to continue doing more in the future.  

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My goal in life is to inspire people, so during the pandemic/shut-down period, I decided to try and do some introductory how-to videos. So with my Mom's and Bru's help, I put some together. I posted the how-to videos below, but I also have some other videos on my YouTube Page.

Also, during the pandemic/shut-down (this was super exciting!), Andis Company and 123Pet Software (now Daysmart Pet) asked if I wanted to do a series "Grooming With Gwendolyn"! They let me digitally work alongside some of the top Groomers in our Country! It was so exciting and so much fun learning and working with such fantastic groomers! I posted the videos below!