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Small Breed Groom Pricing

  • Our Grooming rates are by the Hour - Our hourly rate is  ***$85 (+tax) per hour, per pet.  

    •       ***PLEASE NOTE - The Per hour rate is charged only for "Hands-On Work-Time"; bathing, brushing, and haircutting times are considered Hands-On-Work-Time. 

    • You are not charged for your pet's resting periods or the amount of time your pet is waiting to be picked up etc.


  • Haircut Dogs - Based on the hourly rate, our average small dog grooming price ends up being $85 or $95 (+ tax). Depending on the complexity or difficulty of the haircut, the price will be more.  

  • De-shedding (Generally bath only dogs) - Based on the hourly rate, our average small dog de-shedding/bath price is $65 to $95 (+ tax).  This final price depends on the amount of time needed to de-shed the coat, as some dogs require much more time -or- they need their "feet and feathers" trimmed, etc.

  • The following is always included for grooming our furry clients with no product allergies (we do have complete hypo shampoo/conditioners or other specialty products if needed):

    • Tearless Blueberry Facial

    • Shampoo and Conditioner

    • Leave-on Conditioning Spray (used during Brush-out)

    • Full Brush Out

    • Ears are cleaned

    • Nails clipped and filed

    • Hair on bottom of feet trimmed (pad hair)

    • Client Specified Hair Style/Cut

    • Privacy Trim

    • Extra Resting periods for older pets or pets with health problems (extra resting periods are not charged in the hourly rate)

No-Show & Other Fees


  • Cancellations without 24-hour notice are considered a "No-Show."


  • $25 fee per Pet (expected before re-scheduling next appointment)

  • 3 No-Shows will require all future appointments to be paid in full, in advance


  • $10 per 15 min

Add-On  & Specialty Services

  • ·     Anal Gland’s Expressed External Only - $12 | With A Full Grooming $5

  • ·     Brush Out - Start at $20 - Inquire when setting up an Appointment

  • ·     De-Matting - $40 per 1/2 hour (Minimal Matting Only and is Determined by Rachel Ann to be Safe for Your Pet - Medium/Severe Matting Will Be Shaved (Clipped) Very Short)

  • ·     De-Shedding Treatment - Starts at an Additional $25

  • ·     Dry De-Shedding Treatment - $75 / hour 

  • ·     Ears Cleaned - $10

  • ·     Ear Hair Plucked - $15

  • ·     Feet Shaved other than Poodles - Add $10

  • ·     Flea Treatment - Starts at $25

  • ·     Hand Scissoring -  $35 per 1/2 hour

  • ·     Head/Face Trim -  $15

  • ·     Medicated Shampoo Add - Inquire at Grooming

  • ·     Pad Hair Trim - $10

  • ·     Teeth Brushed (Please Read Information Bottom of Page) - $15

  • ·     Deluxe Pedicure (Nails Clipped & Filed - $20

  • ·     Ultra Pedicure (Nails Clipped/Filed/Pad Hair Trimmed - $25

  • ·     Skunk Treatment (must schedule at end of the day) - Starts at $95

  • ·     Specialty Shampoo's/Treatments - Inquire at Grooming Appointment

Description of Services

Anal Glands Expressed

Anal sacs are "checked" with our Full Spa Treatment and are only "expressed" if needed or if your pet has prior anal sac issues (like dragging their butts across the floor).  See our Anal-Sac Expression flyer.pdf for more information.    


Aromatherapy Spritz

Our Aromatherapy Cologne is also a UV Protector!  Gentle refreshing colognes that utilize the precious floral distillates used in the production of essential oils to make your pet smell yummy!  This service is included with our Full Spa Treatment. Our Aromatherapy colognes are also available for purchase in our Boutique for use at home between grooming.   


Blueberry/Vanilla Facial Scrub

An effective facial scrub that contains blueberry and vanilla. This mild yet concentrated, lightly foaming facial cleanser soothes and balances. It has natural exfoliating activity and is slightly hydrating. The refreshing blend of vanilla and blueberry effectively removes the dirt and will not sting eyes. Great for all skin types and all ages of pets.  This service is included with our Full Spa Treatment.     


Breed Specific Haircut

·     Dog hair cuts differ with each breed. Grooming prices vary for a straightforward reason, the amount of time and skill it takes to provide your pet with a quality grooming experience.  It isn't just about the dog’s size; in fact, sometimes smaller dogs that require meticulous work take longer to do.    


  • ·     Does your dog have a specific breed haircut?   Discuss it with us, and we can go over all options with you.  Custom cuts are always an option; please discuss this with us before grooming.  This service is included with our Full Grooming.


  • ·     While we want our clients to be thrilled with their pet’s haircut, our priority is your pet's safety and comfort. We reserve the right to shave mats if needed! If your pet is too tangled to brush out or has discomfort during de-matting, we have a responsibility to take off as much length as we need to achieve zero tangles safely. If that's the case, we'll try to contact you first to let you know. We take our responsibility for your pet’s health and well-being very seriously. Please trust our judgment! Most pets learn to accept and enjoy grooming; sometimes, it takes time to achieve this, and we will let you know what you can do at home to help the process.    


Brush Out

This service is suitable for dogs with dense or easily tangled coats:  Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Bearded Collie, and the Designer breeds (Maltipoo, Yorkipoo, etc.)    



If your pet has minimal matting, we will use a specialized de-matting product to hand-remove your pet’s mats.  This treatment will be an additional cost of $60 per hour.  We shave all pets with medium to severe matting, no questions asked.  De-matting, a severely matted dog, can cause painful skin bruising/tearing and is not a safe procedure.  The hair we de-mat will become damaged and cause more matting before the pet’s next appointment.  The best way to avoid matting is to brush your pet 1-2 times per day, along with a strict grooming schedule.  We all have busy lives, so if you cannot spend the time brushing at home and your dog’s hair tangles/knots easily, you should bring your pet to our spa once every 2-4 weeks for full brush-outs.  Your pet sporting an adorable shorter style hair cut can extend grooming times to between 6-8 weeks.    


Wet De-Shedding

Perfect for the pet that has excess shedding. This soothing process will remove excess hair that routine brushings don't do. Say "good-bye" to shedding for up to 4-12 weeks after the treatment has been done. A very popular chemical-free treatment that removes excess undercoat and dead hair while nourishing dry hair to help reduce shedding. This treatment includes a deep scalp massage with our de-shedding shampoo and conditioner, a blow-out of the coat with a fluff dryer, followed by brushing with a specialized de-shedding tool to reduce the amount of dead hair in your pet's coat. Additional charges apply to dogs with incredibly thick coats or extreme excess undercoats.  


The benefits of de-shedding treatments:


  • ·     Reduces shedding up to 90%.


  • ·     Brings out the pet’s natural oils, promoting healthier skin and a shiny topcoat.


  • ·     Reduces the number of airborne elements that cause allergic reactions in many people.


Questions about De-Shedding


  • ·     Can any dog have the de-shedding done?

Most dogs can have the de-shedding and will benefit from the treatment.  However, some breeds will not benefit from it as well as others.  Please call to speak with us if you are interested in scheduling a de-shedding treatment, and we can help you decide if it is suitable for your pet.


  • ·     How long does this process take?

It all depends on the size of the dog and the condition of its coat.  The larger the dog is and the more hair the dog has, the longer it will take.


  • ·     How often should this process be done?

Each pet is different.  The staff at Rachel Ann's will help you decide how often you should bring your pet in for de-shedding.


  • ·     My pet has skin allergies.  Can they still receive a de-shedding treatment?

Most likely, Yes.  Our de-shedding products are hypo allergenic.  We will test our products with your pet before using a complete treatment to ensure that s/he will not have an allergic reaction. 

Dry De-Shedding

We spray your dog with a waterless shampoo and conditioner.  Once the spray is dry, we begin the de-shedding process!  We use a particular brush designed to remove the undercoat (which is what is responsible for the most shedding).  It does not damage the topcoat! Dry De-Shedding is not as effective as a Wet De-Shedding.   


Ear Cleaning

We will remove the ear hair only if your pet is comfortable with us doing so.  A special ear powder is used when removing ear hair.  This powder helps protect the ear and makes it easier for the hair to be removed.  We clean your pet’s ears with an all-natural ear cleaner that cuts through even the toughest wax buildup. This treatment is included in our Full Spa Treatment.    


Pad Hair Trim

We trim the hair on the pads of your pet’s feet flush/even.  Some breeds have extra long hair on their feet, bringing in your home dirt/mud, leaves, grass, etc.  Also, older pets may have problems keeping traction on slippery surfaces when the pad hair is longer.  Keeping your pet’s feet in top condition is not only a benefit for your pet but for you as well!    


Flea Treatment

We use one of the highest quality Shampoos.  A consultation with your groomer must be done before this treatment.  If we discover fleas on your pet during our Full Spa Treatment, you will be contacted and informed.  To eliminate the possibility of infestation to our Spa and other pets at our facility, it is our policy that a flea treatment is done. 



Our facility is equipped with high-velocity dryers, aka "fluff dryers," which enable us to blow out your pet’s coat thoroughly. This process is excellent for removing old undercoats and dander while enhancing circulation. The removal of skin dander reduces airborne elements that cause allergies and creates a healthier living environment for you and your pet.  We also complete the fluff dry with a hand dryer while brushing to fluff your dog’s coat further and help remove any additional undercoats.  This service is included with our Full Spa Treatment.    


Complete Spa Treatment

At Rachel Ann's Country Clips Pet Grooming, we know that too many "packages" or additional "add on" prices that you weren't expecting are confusing and sometimes aggravating to the pet's owners; You!  We have grouped the most popular grooming options into our "Full Spa Treatment" for these reasons and your convenience!  Our Full Spa Treatment includes the following services:


  • ·     Fresh bubble bath with Hydro-surge


  • ·     Blueberry/vanilla facial scrub


  • ·     Nourishing vitamin conditioner


  • ·     Fluff/blow-dry


  • ·     Ears cleaned


  • ·     Pedicure


  • ·     Sanitary cleaning


  • ·     Breed-specific haircut


  • ·     Aromatherapy spritz


The following conditions may limit our ability to complete all the grooming services in our Full Spa Treatment, which are:


  • ·     If your pet is physically uncomfortable because of age, injury, or other reasons.


  • ·     If your pet's coat is tangled or matted.


  • ·     If your pet is aggressive.


  • We reserve the right to stop grooming at any point in the process if we feel it is unsafe or uncomfortable for your pet or our staff to continue. We reserve the right to adjust haircut lengths to prevent future mats, and we reserve the right to remove mats humanely, which usually means shaving (clipping short). We appreciate your cooperation in developing a grooming program that makes your pet's well-being the top priority.    


Hand Scissoring

A tedious job in which clippers are used minimally while scissors are used primarily to sculpt a particular image or, in the case of long hair breeds, where clippers aren't used.    


Head/Face Trim

Quick trimming around your pet’s head and face.  Does not include a bath.    


Hydro-surge Bath

All baths are completed using a Hydro-surge Bather. This is a high-pressure bather that massages as it bathes your pet.  This service is included with our Full Spa Treatment.    


Nails Capped

Nail caps are vinyl nail caps that glue onto your dog’s nails. This unique product effectively blunts your pet’s nails to protect against problem scratching.  Soft Claws offers protection against damage to household items, and canine skin conditions, and guards you and your loved ones against pet scratches.  They are available in a variety of attractive colors or natural shades.  Each application lasts approximately 4-6 weeks.  Soft Claws are entirely safe, painless, and humane. They do not harm the dog in any way. Soft Claws are non-toxic, so no harm will occur even if your dog swallows one. 


Nails Painted

The ultimate in pampered style for your pet.  Many different colors and styles are available!    


Nourishing Vitamin Conditioner

Restores the moisture level of the hair shaft. It contains nourishing botanicals that add sheen and create body and texture. This service is included with our Full Spa Treatment.    



Like humans, a pedicure for your pet includes clipping and filing the nails.  It’s essential for the pet’s comfort to keep its nails trimmed to the proper length.  Pedicures are done by appointment or as a walk-in service.  This service is included with our Full Spa Treatment.    



Reiki is always safe and is used with many medical and natural healing techniques.  However, it is not a substitute for treatment by a Veterinarian. 

Session conducted by Reiki Master Mary Ann Keller.  Please call to make an appointment.    


Sanitary Cleaning

Areas around the privates and anus are shaved to help keep your pet and your home more sanitary.  This service is included with our Full Spa Treatment.    


Specialty Shampoo's

Oatmeal, Hypo-Allergenic, Medicated or Vet-Supplied Shampoos. Please discuss skin and coat concerns with your Groomer and Vet and allow them to help you determine which Shampoo is most appropriate. 

Shave - Dogs

For medium to severe matting, we automatically do a *shave down to allow your pet’s coat to grow back to its original health and beauty.  Charges may vary depending on the work and time involved. 

*Please Note that "Shave" is only a term used in grooming.  The pet is not shaved with a razor.  Instead, using a handheld clipper, we clipper the coat down at one of the lowest settings on the clipper blade.


Teeth Brushed (Please Read In Full)

We will be glad to brush your pets’ teeth while in for their spa day.  You must supply the brush/paste at the time of check-in.  We do not brush your pet's teeth unless you brush them regularly at home.  Pets are like humans in the respect that if you do not brush every day, doing it once every few months has no real health benefits.  We do not believe in charging for a service for your pet to make a few extra dollars. 

Rachel Ann's Description of Services
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